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Welcome to Coastal Extreme Power Washing

World-class service with a friendly face. Superior quality at a fair price. When you choose Coastal Extreme Power Washing, you’re investing in the best for your property. And you’re getting service that stands apart from the rest.

We believe that your home or business should be a beacon in the community. So we make exceptional power washing service the standard. When you choose Coastal Extreme Power Washing, you know you’re getting the best – the best equipment, the best customer service, and the best quality.



What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the low-pressure alternative to pressure washing. This new technology was designed to safely clean surfaces that can’t stand up to the force of power washing. While pressure washing is a great fit for hard scapes, it can do more damage than good to your other exterior surfaces.

But these areas need cleaning care, too. And that’s where soft washing helps. This technology allows our team to:

Remove buildup from dirt, pollen, and dust

Wash away discoloring, streaks, and stains

Kill mildew, mold, algae, and moss

Soft Washing Uses Special Technology To Achieve Superior Cleaning Power. Our Equipment Distributes Cleaning Products On The Affected Surface, Then Allows The Treatment To Work Its Magic. Finally, Our System Will Gently Rinse Away The Cleaner To Reveal Your “Just Like New”Surface Beneath. And All Of This Happens Without Harsh Cleaning Products.

$75 Driveway Deal!

Complete House Wash Package

Are you wanting to make your home look the best it can? Are you selling your home? 

This is the package for you! 

This is our Complete House Wash package, You can add services and or take away from this package. We have put this package together for you because 99% of home owners need these services!

Soft Wash:

  • Exterior of Home
  • Fascia
  • Eaves
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Exterior Of Gutters

Pressure Wash / Surface Clean:

  • Clean Sidewalks
  • Surface Clean Patios
  • Surface Clean Roadside Curbs
  • Surface Clean Driveways ( ONLY $75 up 1,800sqft of concrete )


Additional Services

Or Single Services For Those Who Do Not Need The Complete House Washing Package

Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

Pressure washing of the driveways & sidewalks is one of the main services that we offer and real-estate agents request from us. This is because it adds a dramatic curb-appeal to your home. We remove the black looking algae that can accumulate on your driveway & sidewalks.

Pool Deck & Encloser Cleaning

Pool decks is one of the highest traffic areas of your home and can be easily neglected. Do to its constant moisture, mold and algae grows fast and it looks bad and can be extremely slippery.


Gutter Brightening

Tired of having ugly looking gutters? Our gutter cleaning service will remove black streaks from your gutters & it will also restore the finish of the paint. 

Wood Decks & Fences

Tired of having mold and mildew on your deck or fence? With our soft wash system we can safely remove mold and mildew with out damaging the wood. It will leave your deck and fence looking brand new again.

Rust Stain Removal

With our Rust Stain Removal technique we are able to safely remove rust stains, black streaks and much more. This is ideal for Chimneys and lager buildings.

Apartment Buildings & Town Homes

Are you a manager looking for bids on your apartment complex? We are fully equipped to tackel any size project from 5 units to 600.


Commercial Buildings

Do you have a resturant or business that needs to be pressure washed? We are fully capable to knock out any size building you may have. We also have maintance plans available so your property will always looks its best.

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