Soft washing is the low-pressure alternative to pressure washing. This new technology was designed to safely clean surfaces that can’t stand up to the force of power washing. While pressure washing is a great fit for hardscapes, it can do more damage than good to your other exterior surfaces.

But these areas need cleaning care, too. And that’s where soft washing helps. This technology allows our team to:

Remove buildup from dirt, pollen, and dust

Wash away discoloring, streaks, and stains

Kill mildew, mold, algae, and moss

Soft Washing Uses Special Technology To Achieve Superior Cleaning Power. Our Equipment Distributes Cleaning Products On The Affected Surface, Then Allows The Treatment To Work Its Magic. Finally, Our System Will Gently Rinse Away The Cleaner To Reveal Your “Just Like New”Surface Beneath. And All Of This Happens Without Harsh Cleaning Products.


Power washing the exterior of your home is recommended at least once a year in our area because of the high humidity and rain that we receive. Our services not only enhances the appearance of your property, but also defends your paint and siding from the harmful results of mold and mildew. Even if your home does not look dirty, you may be surprised how much dirty water comes off of a home that has not been cleaned in over a year. Your home will look great and you will see a difference after our professional cleaning.


Pressure washing of the driveway is one of the main services that we offer and real-estate agents request from us. This is because it adds a dramatic curb-appeal to your home. Your driveway will be as clean as possible and sparkle. We remove the black looking algae that can accumulate on your driveway especially in our area. Algae can have a blackening effect on concrete and be slippery. We recommend having the curb pressure washed at the same time you pressure wash the driveway.


Sidewalks are the entrance way of your property. Why should it also look good? Sidewalk cleaning can dramatically improve the curb appeal of you property, especially when you have a clean driveway and a well maintained front yard.


Pool decks is one of the highest traffic areas of your home and can be easily neglected. Do to its constant moisture, mold and algae grows fast and it looks bad and can be extremely slippery.

Pool deck cleaning is recommended to be cleaned every 8 – 12 months. If you have a lot of trees surrounding the pool area, or high traffic areas this should be done twice a year.


We specialize in removing mold and mildew from the exterior of your home. Our damage free process will leave your home looking clean and bright. Some customers say it is like having a new paint job.


Commercial shopping center exterior cleaning. We remove mold and mildew to keep your shopping center clean for your tenants. On the commercial side, the flat work we do consists of store fronts, restaurants, strip malls, and parking lots, as well as working with builders on most types of new construction.